Halligan Hills Ranch

This beautiful 3,003 +/- acres serves as monument to the northeast entry into the famed Centennial Valley.  This area is known for hardy grass, heavy calves and excellent recreation.  The Halligan Hills portion of the property consists of towering hills, large meadows and adequate stock water.  Located in many of the draws and ravines are mountain springs or seepages making a cow’s walk to water short and very inviting to wildlife. This acreage makes up the majority of the property and allows the operator a very easy to use and highly productive summer range.  The river portion of the property consists of 240 +/- acres astride the Red Rock River.  With both sides of the river for 3/4 +/- miles and located just below the spillway of Lima Reservoir, this unique scene couldn’t be more perfectly set.  Flood irrigated grassy meadows and hillsides choked with beautiful Aspen Trees as the river meanders downstream.  

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